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La la la ~

Hey! I changed my name (well got rid of the underscore) and decided to refresh my friends list in the process (there were a few people on my flist I didn't like and didn't want on my flist anymore but didn't have anyway to remove me of their list... until now :D)! So yep, i've been automatically unfriended from all your LJ's so if you don't mind re-adding me, would be awesome :D

Cheers!!! And we are so overdue on a BLO it's not funny. Anybody got any time suggestions? I'm pretty free and open atm so anytime is gooooood :)
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yes yes, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease a BLO Chat!!! I'm free all day and tonight...want to try sometime tonight...want to say 7:00pm Eastern time or is that too early?
I can't make tonight cos i have class early tomorrow so i'll be in bed :(

My free nights are tuesday night and thursday, friday, saturday.

But if you guys go ahead tonight have extra fun for me!