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BLO chat: Saturday, June 25, 2005

K guys, so we thought we should post our chats. tonight some BLO people were on and we all of a sudden started a chat, so here it is:

You have just entered room "chat1504841121041878124."
eyes4sark has entered the room.
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mud and icecream:
love the spuffy: Hey PEOPLE!
eyes4sark: ALI AND TRINA
eyes4sark: ooh
mud and icecream: oooh us
eyes4sark: this is the first time it has just been us 3
eyes4sark: mondo special!!
mud and icecream: whoa no way
mud and icecream: we are teh awesome
eyes4sark: yes yes we are
eyes4sark: b/c hey three cool chicks here
mud and icecream: cuz otherwise, it's just a waste
love the spuffy: YOU BET I AM
mud and icecream: w00t
love the spuffy: It'll be crazy hot
eyes4sark: DON"T
mud and icecream: haha
eyes4sark: im too jealous
eyes4sark: NEVER
eyes4sark: you cAN"T
eyes4sark: unless you bring me of course
mud and icecream: ugh trina i'm so wishing i was you
love the spuffy: Well, what if I took a picture and then put your head on my body? Then would it be okay ;-)
mud and icecream: omg do it, do it do it do it in photoshop omg
love the spuffy: You should both sell a whole bunch of lemonade and wash cars and save up money to come with. BEST THING EVER.
eyes4sark: hahahaha
love the spuffy: Heck yes I will!
eyes4sark: i woudl sooo
eyes4sark: we are going to the beach thogh
mud and icecream: because i mean, we ARE the same person...on dif sides of the country
eyes4sark: maybe,,,next year?
mud and icecream: sick nasty, BLO beach trip 06
love the spuffy: most def. It's a plan!
love the spuffy: HAHAHA
eyes4sark:  needs to be when i don't live here..
eyes4sark: so that i can go HA
love the spuffy: OMG Candice, when we first friended each other last year, I remember you went on a beach trip!
love the spuffy: YAY I CAN REMEMBER THINGS
eyes4sark: haha yup! our July trip. always the same. Ha
mud and icecream: i love the beachhhh
eyes4sark: where would BLO 2006 meet HA
mud and icecream: ummm okay when i get older i'm gonna save so much money and then travel around th eworld and meet all of BLO
love the spuffy: *cough* CALIFORNIA *cough*
love the spuffy: Screw college, lets blow all our school money on BLO trips
mud and icecream: Yesssss
eyes4sark: *cough* excuse me i have to pay for LIFE. no longer a kid here...
love the spuffy: It's settled then.
mud and icecream: damn girl that's
eyes4sark: i wanna be a kid
eyes4sark: TRUST ME
mud and icecream: fine lets blow all our life money on BLO is dumb anyways
eyes4sark: so yeah we should start and meet somwhere and them all go together to meet Jo an then meet Andrew with Jo:-)
eyes4sark: like pick up more members as we go
mud and icecream: if we ever all met up, it would be so sweet
eyes4sark: so that we end up in Aussie with the Andrew, with ALL BLO members
eyes4sark: if i ever get married you are ALL coming to the wedding Ha, randomi know
love the spuffy: We sound like some kind of biker gang
mud and icecream: knowing us, we'd probably all leave on the same day, and we'd go to everyone's houses and they wouldnt be there
love the spuffy: OMG I BETTER
eyes4sark: well we are...sorta
eyes4sark: haha it wouldbe PLANNED
love the spuffy: HAHAHAHA
eyes4sark: that is the teacher in me
eyes4sark: everyone woudl know where to meet, go etc
mud and icecream: sweet like season 6 biker demon gang
eyes4sark: dudes guess what
mud and icecream: what!?
eyes4sark: me and Jen are gonna try to get together
mud and icecream: omg
mud and icecream: that would be so much fun
eyes4sark: she's gonna be in DC and i live in NC, she's gonna come here or im gonna go there!!!!
love the spuffy: ahhhhh I hate you
eyes4sark: not sure the details only SQUEEEEEEEE
love the spuffy: no fair.
eyes4sark: she's the closest
eyes4sark: she said we woudl have to take small steps, eventually having a bLO convention HA
love the spuffy: why doesn't everone live in a cluster? WHY WASN'T THIS PLANNED BEFORE WE WERE BORN
mud and icecream: no fair no fair
mud and icecream: i wanna go
eyes4sark: but i think it's easier for us to go abroad than the abroad to come to us
mud and icecream: it wasn't planned because we have to spread the wisdom that is the Buffy fandom across the world
eyes4sark: plus i wanna see Aussie, AND he'll be in university soon so it wont be all "under parents" kinda thing
eyes4sark: as sad as it is
eyes4sark: we should wait till everyone doesn't live with parents HA then we can stay at house/apt whatever
eyes4sark: without "mom's" saying NO
love the spuffy: I think all of us should move to the midwest and share one studio apartment with one one bathroom
eyes4sark: haha
eyes4sark: oh yeah
eyes4sark: FUN TIMES
mud and icecream: hahaha i think we would all hate eachother within a week
eyes4sark: i wanna see CA anywayz
eyes4sark: NAH
love the spuffy: Ugh, my grandparents are the ones who won't let me socialize with online people
eyes4sark: it would be an adventure me thinks
mud and icecream: lol
mud and icecream: ugh silly grandparents
love the spuffy: Yes, come to California! There's a beach here!
eyes4sark: but they act as your parentals, sorta kinda, you know, take care of ya
eyes4sark: i would have to get a flight and a place to stay and then YAYness
love the spuffy: that they do.
mud and icecream: hm
eyes4sark: hence why trina out of school and in an apt woudl be much easier :-P
mud and icecream: lol
love the spuffy: Heck. Yes.
eyes4sark: and when i get my own place oh yeah come to wonderific NC HAHAH
love the spuffy: Right now. Okay, maybe a little later
love the spuffy: YAY!
mud and icecream: i saw Heathers for the first time tonight and its so good
eyes4sark: haha that is a funny movie
eyes4sark: are you arell done with school
mud and icecream: done how?
love the spuffy: I've never seen that
mud and icecream: for summmer yes
love the spuffy: Ali, are you and incoming Junior or Senior?
mud and icecream: Junior
mud and icecream: you're an incoming Senior, right?
love the spuffy: Gotcha
love the spuffy: yes'm
love the spuffy: top of the ranks, SUCKAS
eyes4sark: so Ali-Junior, Trina-Senior
mud and icecream: lucky! you get to rule the whole school
eyes4sark: WOOT
eyes4sark: rock on Trinabina
eyes4sark: Christian Slater used to be Hot.
love the spuffy: heck yes!
love the spuffy: brb
eyes4sark: NO don't Goooooooooooooooo
eyes4sark: dang im in a wierd mood
eyes4sark: so miss Ali
eyes4sark: what's new in Aliland
mud and icecream: hm
mud and icecream: wisdom teeth removed
mud and icecream: thats it, really
eyes4sark: OUCH
mud and icecream: whats up in Candice-world?
eyes4sark: sorry hun
eyes4sark: Candyland HA
love the spuffy: back
eyes4sark: erm STILL don't have a job
love the spuffy: Ali's teeth go bye bye
eyes4sark: but im trying to be POSITIVE
eyes4sark: and have PMA
mud and icecream: neah, i'm really not in much pain. i got them out thursday....and i was in hardly any pain at all, it was weird
mud and icecream: good, positivity is GOOD
mud and icecream: and I HAD 5 WISDOM TEETH WTF?
eyes4sark: i dont' want mine gone...they haven't even ruptured through yet...
eyes4sark: me =late bloomer
love the spuffy: Ali, you're a alien
mud and icecream: you'll be fine, i'm on no pain meds or anything, and it didnt hurt at all, and i was so scared, but it was fine
eyes4sark: me=baby
eyes4sark: for real
love the spuffy: Candice, ME NEITHER. My can't come through because I have too much crowding
mud and icecream: sweeet i'm so glad i'm an alien
eyes4sark: AH i had braces..but oh well
love the spuffy: *mine
love the spuffy: hahaha
eyes4sark: yes take me to your leader
love the spuffy: as long as he gives out candy. Good leaders give out candy
mud and icecream: i had braces too. the wisdom teeth just fucked them up though
love the spuffy: blech
mud and icecream: dammit, i should be alien leader
love the spuffy: I'm gonna GET braces.
eyes4sark: ah yes you should
eyes4sark: that wouldbe funny
love the spuffy: In the fall, probably
eyes4sark: i HATED THEM
eyes4sark: i got them in the fallof my senior year
eyes4sark: slow damn people
mud and icecream: i didn't mind them, ionly had them for a year
eyes4sark: i had themin collge...UGH
eyes4sark: i was only supposed to wear them for 5 months
love the spuffy: Yeah, I don't want them, but I need them more than I don't want them
eyes4sark: HA try 3 years!!!
love the spuffy: HOLY CRAP
love the spuffy: They estimated badly
eyes4sark: curses doctors name!
mud and icecream: dentists are silly
eyes4sark: orthodontist
mud and icecream: mm yeah them too
eyes4sark: oh yeah
eyes4sark: asses
mud and icecream: ;-)
love the spuffy: brb, again
mud and icecream: god trina
mud and icecream: always leaving us
eyes4sark: don't get eaten
love the spuffy: Hi people! Sorry, my computer froze
eyes4sark: it's all good
mud and icecream: no problemo
eyes4sark: your puter is dying
love the spuffy: I think it actually does have another virus. I should get it fixed
eyes4sark: dang
eyes4sark: you and the viruses
eyes4sark: brb
love the spuffy: I know! And I have Norton and I always run it
love the spuffy: Don't let your computer freeze!
love the spuffy: HI ALI
mud and icecream: HI TRINA
mud and icecream: so how much do these autographs cost, usually?
mud and icecream: im so fascinated, i've never been to a convention
love the spuffy: Depends on the actor it's from. Some are only, like, 25, and others are 40. Same for pictures and stuff, too
mud and icecream: Tom Lenk must be like 9078214721042190839021
mud and icecream: cuz of the extreme sexiness
eyes4sark: back
eyes4sark: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo convention talk...*stabs eyes*
mud and icecream: lol
love the spuffy: She started it!!
mud and icecream: yes, yes i did
eyes4sark: UGH
eyes4sark: Ali
mud and icecream: but you were gone
eyes4sark: noooooooo covention
mud and icecream:  so i was like OMG TELL ME
eyes4sark: talk
mud and icecream: aight
eyes4sark: <-------is Extremely jealou
eyes4sark: s
eyes4sark: you don't want me crying do ya?
mud and icecream: no way jose
eyes4sark: there ya go
mud and icecream: i hate my summer job, by the way
eyes4sark: yes me to
eyes4sark: what is yours?
mud and icecream: working at The Lobster Shack
eyes4sark: ewwwwwwwwwwww
mud and icecream: u?
eyes4sark: any freinds there?
eyes4sark: being a secretary at my mom's office
mud and icecream: yeah, but i dont really get to talk to them
eyes4sark: are you a waitress
mud and icecream: its not a waitress thing
eyes4sark: oh
eyes4sark: wait do you do
mud and icecream: its order at the counter we call ur #
eyes4sark: ah
eyes4sark: got ya
mud and icecream: sometimes i put the food onto the trays, sometimes to register, sometimes do dishes/bus tables
love the spuffy: I wanna be a waitress
eyes4sark: ick no
love the spuffy: I want another job :-( I miss the money
eyes4sark: what happend to the one you had
mud and icecream: well i have made only a total of $84
mud and icecream: and ive been working for like abillion weeks it feels
love the spuffy: I don't have it anymore because the show closed. So no need for a light girl :-(
love the spuffy: DANG!
love the spuffy: that's child labor!
mud and icecream: no one ever gets many hours cuz they hav eliek 390870459128390821 people working there
eyes4sark: no more shows?
eyes4sark: ahhh then why did they hire so many?
love the spuffy: Nope
mud and icecream: cuz theyre stupid
eyes4sark: ah yeah
got ya
mud and icecream: lol
mud and icecream: its just a bunch of old people and tourists and old tourists
mud and icecream: that come and eat our traditional maine lobstah
love the spuffy: hahaha
eyes4sark: oh yes old people
love the spuffy: Hey people, I had an idea. Would you like to hear it?
mud and icecream: some some people are stupid cuz one lady (before i worked there) was all "which of the great lakes are we on!?" and she pointed at the OCEAN
mud and icecream: aghh stupid people
eyes4sark: i see old people i work in a cardiovascular research office you gotta be dying pretty much to get in the reserach studies
eyes4sark: DAMn that is stupi
mud and icecream: oh, sad
eyes4sark: so i don't meant ANYONE my AGE ha
mud and icecream: i couldnt handle it, i'd be like crying
eyes4sark: yes trina what is it:-)
mud and icecream: ohhh idea!
love the spuffy: people are silly:-P
mud and icecream: i completely missed that when you said it
love the spuffy: Okay, here it is:
love the spuffy: Since we have our community now, we need stuff to post in it, riiiight? So what is whenever members of BLO got together to chat it up, we saved the convo and posted it in the community?
love the spuffy: So that way people could read and not feel left out. 'Cause I know that I'm always wondering what happened in chats that I missed, and I have a couple saved from ages ago that I could post and we could be all nostalgic on
i thought of that toooooooo
eyes4sark: yes GREAT idea
eyes4sark: ihave old ones on my oLD puter
eyes4sark: but you should TOTALLY post
love the spuffy: Yay!
eyes4sark: with days and times
eyes4sark: i LOVE The idea
eyes4sark: we haven't used the community much
love the spuffy: We should just post 'em and everyone will be like, "Hey, I remember that!"
mud and icecream: aw yay!
love the spuffy: Just silly stuff, like old inside jokes or whatever
you don't have the snow one do ya?
mud and icecream: k i'll post this when we're done, cuz i didn't leave
eyes4sark: that one was sooo funny
love the spuffy: yay
mud and icecream: or, candice you can, or someone can
eyes4sark: it don't matter
eyes4sark: you can if you want ali:-P
eyes4sark: our mini BLO yay
mud and icecream: whatever, candice get up and post those old chats
mud and icecream: COME ON NOW DO IT!
eyes4sark: on my old compuer
mud and icecream: ugh
eyes4sark: so eaiser said than done
mud and icecream: damn
eyes4sark: i have a bunch though
eyes4sark: maybe sometime this weekend
eyes4sark: when i get really bored
their hatissilly has entered the room.
mud and icecream: ooh lainey
their hatissilly: hey!
eyes4sark: LAINEY
love the spuffy: HEY HEY HEY
eyes4sark: OMG
eyes4sark: *ATTACKS*
their hatissilly: hahaha whoa did I die or something?
eyes4sark: yes for us you did
mud and icecream: feels like it
their hatissilly: lol sorry.
mud and icecream: lol
their hatissilly: sup, homies?
eyes4sark: every chat hs been oh where is the lainey
eyes4sark: has anoyong heard from lainey
eyes4sark: is she okay..etc
mud and icecream: lol so anyways, nothing is UP, whats up with you?
their hatissilly: not much.
eyes4sark: me=watchng QAF and relaxing for once
their hatissilly: UGH QAF <3333
their hatissilly: porny goodness.
eyes4sark: I LVOE
mud and icecream: ugh i'm missing the Reel Big Fish concerttt tonight, so sad
eyes4sark: it is my new CRACK'
mud and icecream: lol i've never seen QAF
eyes4sark: you MUST
eyes4sark: BJ LOVE
eyes4sark: and no not blowjobs...brian and justin
eyes4sark: why are u missing the concert Ali
mud and icecream: cuz i didnt want to get elbowed in the mouth and start bleeding again like at the Streetlight show, PLUS wisdom teeth newly gone, so blah
eyes4sark: oh  yeah
eyes4sark: duh
mud and icecream: lol
eyes4sark: sorry love
mud and icecream: sokay
eyes4sark: Trina??
eyes4sark: whatcha doing
mud and icecream: we lost her, it was tragic
eyes4sark: Lainey?? watcha doing
love the spuffy: Here, sorry! Just going through old convos
eyes4sark: oooh fun
eyes4sark: post away chicka
their hatissilly: sorry, my aim laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags like mad
eyes4sark: that sucks ass
mud and icecream: psst lainey, do you think they'll update Shoebox tomorrow? cuz of the whole 1 year anniversary?
mud and icecream: ugh silly aim
their hatissilly: I HOPE OMG
mud and icecream: ME TOOOO OMGZ
mud and icecream: lainey we were thinking we should start posting BLO chats at the community so people don't have to miss stuff
love the spuffy: Guys, I hae to go for a while :-( But I'll still try to post the convos I have sometime tonight!
love the spuffy: *have
mud and icecream: aw trina don't leave us
love the spuffy: I'm sorry :-(
mud and icecream: fiiine, i guesss
mud and icecream: if you have to
eyes4sark: byeee love
love the spuffy: I LOVE EVERYONE!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS*
mud and icecream: BYE!!!!!!!
eyes4sark: HUGGLES
love the spuffy: :-)
love the spuffy has left the room.
mud and icecream: so i saw Eeternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a few days ago for the first time (i've been watching movies like crazay lately) and it was sooo good
mud and icecream: i loved it so much
mud and icecream: have you seen it candice?
eyes4sark: i bought that movie, watched it and it was sooo dissapointing, not what i thought AT ALl..., im glad you liked it though
mud and icecream: =-O
mud and icecream: why was it disappointing?
eyes4sark: same with Garden State, i guess im just not wierd enough
their hatissilly: why didnt you like them?
eyes4sark: i dunno just not that great
mud and icecream: aw i loved both of them
eyes4sark: ESOTSM was just waaay strange and didn'treally GO anywhere
mud and icecream: ugh i love it
eyes4sark: yeah that's what everyone told me which was hwy i bought them
mud and icecream: to each her own, i suppose!
mud and icecream: :-D
their hatissilly: si si.
mud and icecream: ugh smileys are so much better smaller
their hatissilly:
you bought them?
eyes4sark: yeajbut said i guess
eyes4sark: yup
their hatissilly: why, if you didnt see them?
their hatissilly: aww, that's too bad :-\
eyes4sark: b.c i heard SUCH good thngs abouthtem
their hatissilly: you could probably sell them on ebay for more, haha
eyes4sark: and zach braff was great in scrub
eyes4sark: s
eyes4sark: so i figured what the hell
eyes4sark: taught myself a lesson i guess
mud and icecream: haha, see movies before you buy them
mud and icecream: good lesson, actually
mud and icecream: i tend to buy movies before i see them, too
eyes4sark: eh what did you like/love about it Ali
mud and icecream: which one
eyes4sark: either
eyes4sark: both
mud and icecream: ESOTSM was just such a mind fuck, and the coloring in the movie was so amazing. I just liked the overall feel of  like the directing. Plus, the whole concept was really interesting, i mean erasing someone completely like that
mud and icecream: and that they would still end up together
mud and icecream: i dunno, i think i'm bad at explaining things
eyes4sark: no i got it
mud and icecream: ugh i'm so bad with words
eyes4sark: no ur not
eyes4sark: i jst like happy i guess
eyes4sark: the mindfuck movies just arne't happy. eh im just i dunno
mud and icecream:
yeah i get that
eyes4sark: i liked garden state more.
mud and icecream: i saw Ghost World for the first time recently too, and i loved it soo much, but it put me in a really weird mood afterwards
eyes4sark: never seen it
mud and icecream: hey candice, have you been keeping up with redrover's Complicity?
eyes4sark: nope
eyes4sark: has she updated
their hatissilly: I LOVE GHOST WORLD
mud and icecream: she's up to chapter 33, plus a thing from a future chapter (that i can't get into, i guess maybe it's friends locked, so i was wondering if you'd been able to see it?)
eyes4sark: i'll check it out later
mud and icecream: YES, i know, lainey! thats hwy i saw it cuz had that icon, then i looked it up on and it looked so good
eyes4sark: is it a mindfuckmovie too
eyes4sark: /
mud and icecream: you wouldnt like it i dont think
their hatissilly: ahaha
their hatissilly: no
their hatissilly: it's just funny
their hatissilly: you might like it
mud and icecream: it put me in such a weird mood
eyes4sark: why
eyes4sark: spoil me i don't care
mud and icecream: no i dont even just did
their hatissilly: haha
mud and icecream: that man...with the bus..omg i wish i could remember his name
their hatissilly: dear josh, we came by to fuck you. you were not home. therefore, you are gay.
mud and icecream: he made me really depressed, but then i was happy when he got to leave
eyes4sark: say what
mud and icecream: YESSS that's the icon that made me want to watch the movie
their hatissilly: ahaha seriously?
mud and icecream: seriously
their hatissilly: neat.
mud and icecream: neat-o
eyes4sark: neatooo
mud and icecream: oh Norman
mud and icecream: thats the guy's name okay everything is good now
eyes4sark: the bus guy?
eyes4sark: isn't Steve Buscemi in that movie?
mud and icecream: yup, he's Seymour
eyes4sark: ah
eyes4sark: seen a preview i think
eyes4sark: i saw National Treasure HA
mud and icecream: is that good?
eyes4sark: i liked it, action, puzzle movie
mud and icecream: hmm
mud and icecream: it looked interesting
eyes4sark: yeah it was
mud and icecream: hmm okay i'm exhausted
mud and icecream: sorry but i'm heading off to bed
eyes4sark: yeah me too
eyes4sark: gnitegirls
eyes4sark: LOVE all around
mud and icecream: *hugs*
their hatissilly: aww bye
mud and icecream: bye lainey I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU AND..stuff
mud and icecream: *HUGS*
eyes4sark: don't be a stranger laineykins
eyes4sark has left the room.
their hatissilly: I promise.

sorry if some of the colors are off, or got mixed up, but its late and i'm exhausted and this is how it is. SO just edit it with rich text or whatever, if you want. I love you all.

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