trina; rainbow poncho, the female tonto (prettyfancy) wrote in blo_chat,
trina; rainbow poncho, the female tonto

Hark! BLO has a layout!

Hello, friends! 'Tis Trina, posting to say that -- you remember that whole layout thing I was supposed to do for blo_chat? Well, the time has finally arrived! Take a look!

Okay, so when searching for pictures on the header, I tried to make sure to get happy ones. I hope I did okay, 'cause it's kinda hard to -- for example -- find an Oz promo where he's not all stoic and.. Oz-like. And then the only other ones I worried about were Dru and Anya. Okay, and maybe Tara a tinsy bit. Holy crud, I just listed half of the pictures. But it was the happiest I could find them in a good quality!

Oh, also, I couldn't come up with a clever thing for the "comment/# comments" thing. So if any of you can think of something, I'll totally put it up.
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