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trina; rainbow poncho, the female tonto

Hark! BLO has a layout!

Hello, friends! 'Tis Trina, posting to say that -- you remember that whole layout thing I was supposed to do for blo_chat? Well, the time has finally arrived! Take a look!

Okay, so when searching for pictures on the header, I tried to make sure to get happy ones. I hope I did okay, 'cause it's kinda hard to -- for example -- find an Oz promo where he's not all stoic and.. Oz-like. And then the only other ones I worried about were Dru and Anya. Okay, and maybe Tara a tinsy bit. Holy crud, I just listed half of the pictures. But it was the happiest I could find them in a good quality!

Oh, also, I couldn't come up with a clever thing for the "comment/# comments" thing. So if any of you can think of something, I'll totally put it up.
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It's awesome. But it isn't centered:p

Comments: How many people think Trina should watch Lost? # hands raised...=D Haha, I kidd!
What size screen do you have? 'Cause it's centered on mine.. crap.

Hmm, I vote NO. You Lost groupie.
Oh that's nice. Blame it on my screen resolution! You're such a resolutionist! *shakes head*

You know what they say, you don't know if you like something until you try it. I say watch one episode (preferrably the pilot) and then decide whether is suitable for future viewings. Not only does it have a good storyline, there is much eye candy! I could be a Lost salesperson...WATCH IT, DAMMIT!! *coughs*
Can I be the little sidekick that carries a briefcase around and gives out pamphlets?

Lost. Is damn good.
Don't you help her! Resist, I say!
But LOST is so brilliant.... its... its so hard!!

We could just strap her to a chair and tie her up and force her to watch the entire first season!
If I see any ropes I am WALKING OUT of this orgy!
We can find substitutes :D
You mean a substitute for ropes or a substitue orgy member. 'Cause the last one will make me cry tears of woe.
Ropes of course!! How dare you think about substitute members!!

BLO is irreplaceable!
Yes yes, irreplaceable...hmm, I'd suggest chains but that a bit too SM...oh dear where has this orgy gone!!! Oh I know, how about edible restraints like made out of fruit roll-ups or ok that's going back to the bad place of orgies but then Trina could eat her way out if she needed to :)
I don't wanna! Bite me! Hiss!
It's not centered on mine either BUT it is fucking awesome! So uber kudos for making it that wicked! :)

How about: "Join the Orgy" and "Been Orgified" ?
Poo! I'm trying to look for a way to make it center, but I haven't found anything yet. I'll keep trying to figure it out. I'm glad you like :) And nice comment suggestion!
I only knew realllly reallly basic HTML and the only code I can remember for centering basic things (without the p align crap) is

< center > < / center >
Great Job Trina. That's why we pick you to do it!!!

How about... 5 Orgy Members, Join the Orgy ;)
Aw, why thank ya :) And yay for comment ideas! You and Andrew rock. THE END.


OMG IT's someone not 9 years old! HAAAA

I miss you.

Your welcome.

I rock? Your too sweet!
I am in fact a whole 8 years more than 9. I MISS YOU, TOO. Like... <-------------- thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss ---------------> much, uh huh, uh huh. And you hecka rock, no sweetness on my part about that, fool :)